Hi, I'm Beer

Here you can find my work & thoughts

🧑‍💻 My Work

I'm an Engineer with a product background strong in React and Node.js! Want to work together? You can reach me at my LinkedIn.

As a Freelancer


Techs: Node.js, Firebase, Google Cloud Platform, MongoDB

As: Backend Developer

Helping to create endpoints using serverless tech for smooth user experiences on web-shops hosted through the Shopify platform.

As an Employee

Legal OS

Techs: TypeScript, Node.js, React, MongoDB, CircleCI, GraphQL

As: Lead Software Engineer

  • Set up all tech on which Legal OS raised €2 million seed round.
  • Set up recruiting process and executed ahead of the seed round.
  • Product had zero downtime during my time at Legal OS.
  • Set up single-click deployment and migration infrastructure.
Crunchr Planning

Techs: PostgreSQL, Python, Django, Angular

As: Product Manager

  • Done dozens of user interviews as part of launching a new product.
  • Performed 1:1's with 2 developers to have a healthy team.
  • Developed as well because of small team (3).
Crunchr Preference

Techs: PostgreSQL, Python, Django, Angular

As: Product Manager

  • Moved unmanaged team to outcome-driven development.
  • Performed 1:1's with 2 different developers than above.
  • Developed as well here, again because of small team (3).

As a Hobbyist


Techs: React, Firestore, TypeScript

It's hard to have a single-source-of truth for Product Teams that doesn't grow to a mess. I set out to fix that.

🥶 Maybe I'll pick this up again one day, currently focused on my work.

Who is Playing?

Techs: React, TypeScript

Why not listen to who is playing instead of read up on it? Makes picking a party for the evening much easier.

⚰️ Shutdown because SoundCloud closed it's streaming API.


Techs: Node.js, TypeScript, Java, Fourier Transformations

Using the fact that songs appear in multiple mixes, you can create infinite mixes by merging where they play the same songs.

⚰️ Shutdown because I over-engineered the Fourier Transformations to detect overlapping songs. If I would pick this up again I would first mechanical-turk the tool.


Techs: Unity3D, C#

VR allows you to truly be immersed with music. I created a prototype, released on the Oculus forums, which got picked up by one of the main VR youtubers back in 2013.

🦸 Since I was a student never intended to take it further, but the positive reactions made me consider this a success!